Ethical Line

    In addition to the quality and rigor in the provision of our professional services, another of NW auditores SLP maxims is integrity.


At our firm, an attitude or situation in which our ethical values may be exposed will never be acceptable.


To reinforce our culture of integrity, our firm has an Internal Information System (Complaints Channel).

This channel facilitates the communication of acts contrary to the law, regulations or any of our internal policies, by any of the members of our organization.

It can be used by all people in the firm, as well as clients, contractors, suppliers and any other party that maintains a business relationship with our audit firm.


This communication can be made through an online reporting system at the following link, selecting the “Process complaint” option:

    The language to use to report an issue is Spanish. The website option is available 24/7.
The complaint will be managed confidentially by the responsible partner in this area, who will determine the most appropriate initial action, and to the extent permitted by law and in line with the requirement assumed by our firm to investigate and address the reported conduct.
The Ethics Line is designed to process only those data and information that are true, relevant and necessary to manage and process the communications received and, where appropriate, investigate the reported facts. Untruthful data and information will be deleted without further delay, without prejudice to the information that may be retained to base actions that may be brought as a result of criminal offenses to which information proven to be untruthful may give rise.
Communications made through the Ethics Line will be treated in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. You can find more information about the processing of personal data derived from communications in our Privacy Policy.
NW auditores SLP undertakes that no person who reports in good faith a matter of concern under this policy will be harmed in any way by having submitted such report, whether the matter reported is ultimately proven or not.